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Someone who gets lost in beautiful thoughts, books, art and sometimes people, unwilling to confine myself to a single version.

Everything about accommodation, Visa, Packing, Finance Tracking and Flight Booking. Includes a detailed pdf to ensure that you pack essential items.

- Monica vibes-

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

First of all, congratulations to everyone who got admitted for Autumn 2021 to various universities in Sweden. We are just two months away from embarking onto…

Let’s unravel the damp cloth, shall we?


Let me give you a context on what’s up so far in my mind. Since I restarted nurturing good habits as mentioned in my previous article : Check that out here. Things have been odd. This journey seems entirely different to the one…

This is not a blog. Maybe it is, maybe not. Would it turn out to be one?

Hey, hope you’re doing great. It’s just silhouette figure of myself facing the light through the giant church door.
There’s always an open door. Just be keen enough to notice them.

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s been almost an year that I’ve been going around in circles about building habits, incorporating and modifying a few of them as life happens. Its always been reading more, a perfect morning routine, workouts , study routine with Pomodoro technique and active recalling, meditating…

Ritty Thomas

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